Connecting a Medium Account

Connecting your Medium blog to Blogo is super easy. So here you will learn how to set it up, and get writing!

The way Medium works with apps, is that you generate an access token from your account which Blogo can then use to authenticate you. No need for a password.

Go to Settings on Medium

Click on your profile picture in the top right of the browser and click "Settings", or you can click here which will take you right there.

Generate your Token

If you scroll down the settings page, you will find a section named "Integration Tokens". All you need to is write a description for the token, and click on the "Get integration token" button. 

That's it, the code will then appear below. All you need to do is copy it!

Enter the Token into Blogo

As soon as you open Blogo, insert your Medium URL into the box and click "Connect". You will then see a new window, just paste your token straight into that box and click "Login".

It's really that easy.


If you want to know more about how Medium works with Blogo, then check out this article.


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