How does Medium work with Blogo?

As you've heard, you can use Blogo to write articles on Medium! So here you'll find out exactly what you can and can't do.

The API for Medium is still quite new, and therefore are still a lot of limitations that prevent Blogo from having full access to your account. Because of this there are some features that aren't available yet. 

Writing a New Story

You can start writing to your Medium blog, just like you would normally on Blogo. It's still the same great writing experience!

Editing a Story

Unfortunately at the moment Blogo has no access to your drafts written on Medium. But your content will always be saved locally to Blogo, and if you connect your Evernote account you can save your drafts there!

Also once a story has been published to Medium, Blogo can no longer edit it.

Accessing/Moderating Comments

Comments is a great part of Blogo, but at the minute due to the API limitations this is not possible.


So as you can see, there are improvements that can be made. Our goal is to make sure our users have a beautiful and full integration with awesome blogging platforms like Medium. That's why Blogo's team will keep working to add new features once we get fuller access to Medium's API.

So keep an eye out!




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