Two step authentication

As a security precaution, some web hosts have started to block access to the XMLRPC file (The file Blogo uses to connect to your blog).


This is because there has been cases of blogs being accessed by unauthorized people, by using code that automatically generates a high number of passwords, and then attempts to log in as an admin. This is known as a brute force attack.


To keep your blog safe, we recommend this article from


If you have a blog, then you can make use of their two factor authentication feature. Which adds another layer of security to your blog.


We have a guide on how to set your blog and Blogo up with two factor authentication on our support site.


There is also a plugin we suggest called Login Security Solution, that monitors and tracks any authentications to your blog. It lets you view any access, and also provides some preventative measures like immediately logging out a user that appears to have breached your blog. You can download Login Security Solution from


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